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Renting a Water Softener vs Buying a Water Softener

Hard water is a very common problem in the United States and quite a few studies have already claimed that majority of the households get a supply of hard water, which is not good for several household chores. Hard water poses quite a few issues including marks on utensils, clogged pipelines, mineral deposition on appliances, etc.

What’s the solution for this? You might already know that it is the water softener that can be one of the major problem solvers and soft water increases the longevity of the same appliances that were getting damaged due to hard water. Now that you’ve decided to get a water softener system for your household, a bigger dilemma what you face is whether there is a need to invest a big amount at once to purchase a water softener or to rather rent one for time-being and see how it does before you make a permanent purchase.

There is never an easy answer for this and you need to choose based on your requirement and the factors around your decision. While you might be looking at a water softener as an investment, it actually saves cost in the long run because of the advantages of soft water over hard water and how it helps keep the appliances safe and well running for a longer period of time.

Why to rent a water softener?

  • One of the first reasons for that would be the financial constraints. Not everyone can afford a water softener and thus, renting seems like a wise choice for them when it doesn’t cost much.
  • Renting also helps the user understand the impact of a water softener on your day-to-day activities, and whether the current system you rented is enough for your household. It becomes easier to assess before you put your money to purchase one later.
  • There is a low commitment attached to renting. Since you are using someone else’s unit and paying only for the time you used it, you can return it back any time. You could have rather purchased the softener on installments, but that would be a compulsory pay, even if you don’t like the product.
  • If you have a rented apartment or home and are not keen on buying one, but there are several new appliances that you want to use soft water, renting is a good choice.
  • In case something happens to the softener unit, most of the renting companies would cover it with the free maintenance, but that isn’t the case when you buy the unit.

Why to buy a water softener?

  • If you own a house and are considering to have a water softener for a long-term use, then it would be good to buy one rather than rent it.
  • Warranty and guarantee provided by companies are quite enough for you to help out if the appliance breaks down. When you are buying a softener, the company is very much responsible for support to be offered later on, so you should not worry about the longevity of it.
  • Buying is money-saving nowadays. Try to check out the offers that are given while you try to purchase one of the systems, for example, free delivery of salt from time to time, or free installation as well. Water softeners are so useful practically that they pay for themselves after being used for a good amount of time.
  • You can choose to have the latest and newest systems in the market when you decide to buy one. On the other side, renting is mostly of a second-hand used product and it doesn’t have the latest technology, so you are compromising on the quality side of it.
  • If you are planning to sell your house in the near future, and in case your house is in a locality where there is hard water and a water softener is necessary, having that in the list of home appliances increases the value of your home. It becomes one of the points to mention while you are listing your home for sale.

So, which is the better option?

If you look at a long-term use and also would want to have a brand-new unit, buying seems like a better option but then, it is totally dependent on the personal choices and thus, there has to be a decision making done based on the requirements.

A quick math would again tell you that although you are paying a big amount at once for buying the water softener, it is still a saving costs when compared to the monthly rent that you would be paying for years. On the other side, being financially strong is very important otherwise renting would be a better option because softeners don’t come in an affordable price for everyone.

You should also get in touch with one of the professionals who are into the business of water softeners and get your household water checked to see if it is really needed or not. Also, if needed, will the system require a lot of maintenance, because if there’ll be overuse you should better be renting a system.

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